Membership Requirements

New Members:

  • Applicant must attend two (2) meetings at which time the applicant will be introduced to the current members.
  • Each applicant is asked to volunteer at two (2) different activities for a total of four (4) hours for Individual/Junior and six (6) hours for Family membership. 
  • After this criteria is met, the application will be presented to club and voted on for membership at the next general meeting. 
  • Once an applicant is voted in, membership dues are to be paid.


  • Individual/Junior membership is $35.00/year   
  • Family membership $50.00/year. 

Ongoing Members:

  • Members must attend four (4) meetings per year
  • Volunteer hours must be fulfilled:
    • Individual/Junior Membership –10 volunteer hours* per year
    • Family Membership –10 volunteer hours* per year
  • Membership dues must be paid by January 15th to continue to be a member.  CDAC year is January 1st to December 31st. 
  • Each member is responsible for tracking their own volunteer hours and submitting them to the Membership Coordinator at the year’s end.


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