The health of a dog is very important to his owner, but there will always be illnesses that cannot be controlled. For example, overbreeding can cause problems in the bones that tend to manifest in the hip and back. Blindness due to old age is another condition beyond our influence.

Nevertheless, the best way to prevent these and other illnesses is to visit the veterinarian on a regular basis. This provides a comprehensive picture of your pet's overall health. The vet should also be contacted in case of an emergency, or when the dog shows unusual symptoms.  If you are searching for a veteranarian, consult friends for recommendations, and reference the following web sites:


American Veterinary Medical Association

WebMD for Pets

American Animal Hospital Association


If you have an interest in Chiropractic or Massage, you may wish to review the following sites:


Healing Pawsabilities  - Canine Massage (Cape Coral)

Dr. Nikki Bechtol, D.C. - Canine/Human Chiropractic (Naples to Cape Coral)

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