Agility, the fastest growing canine sport, allows dogs to demonstrate their nimble nature and versatility by maneuvering a challengng course of obstacles, including tunnels, weave poles, jumps and see-saws while following the lead of their handler.

All dogs can compete, from a timy Chihuahua to a giant Irish Wolfhound.  Dogs of all sizes run the same course with adjustments in the expected time and jump height.  As a prerequisite to competing, both dog and handler will train to develop conditioning and coordination as a team.  Agility produces a deep bond between the dog and handler.

Agility originated in England in 1978 and was designed to be the half-time entertainment at the Crufts Dog Show.  The AKC held its first agility trial in 1994 with 2,000 entries in that year.  Agility is a fan favorite from a spectator point of view.  Anyone looking to give their dog a constructive outlet, to form a stronger bond with their pet and play together in the process, can train to participate in this sport.

If the sport of agility is new to you, it may be helpful to visit our link for understanding an AKC Agility Trial:  AKC Spectator's Guide to Agility.  You may also wish to review our guide for CPE Trials:  CPE Spectator's Guide to Agility.

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